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Artigos disponíveis até Setembro 2019

Focus Session (Free access till September 26) CRANIOPLASTY IN CHILDREN Volume 35, Issue 9, September 2019 Guest Editor: P. Frassanito

Cranioplasty in children: time for a paradigm shift
Paolo Frassanito Pages 1457-1458. Access

The growth of the neurocranium: literature review and implications in cranial repair
Paolo Frassanito, Federico Bianchi, Giovanni Pennisi…Pages 1459-1465. Access

Craniocerebral disproportion after decompressive craniectomy in infants: The hidden enemy of cranial repair? Paolo Frassanito, Federico Bianchi, Vito Stifano…Pages 1467-1471 Access

Cranioplasties following craniectomies in children—a multicenter, retrospective cohort study
Vita M. Klieverik, Kai J. Miller, Kuo Sen Han, Ash Singhal…Pages 1473-1480. Access

Cranioplasty after craniectomy in pediatric patients—a systematic review
Vita M. Klieverik, Kai J. Miller, Ash Singhal, Kuo Sen Han…Pages 1481-1490. Access

Greenstick fracture-hinge decompressive craniotomy in infants: illustrative case and literature review of techniques for decompressive craniotomy without bone removal
Hiroshi Yokota, Tadashi Sugimoto, Mitsuhisa Nishiguchi…Pages 1491-1497. Access

Management and prevention of cranioplasty infections
Paolo Frassanito, Flavia Fraschetti, Federico Bianchi…Pages 1499-1506. Access

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